Boberg in Holster

Project Boberg :: just getting better and better

I’m getting pretty confident that this little gun will do what it has to do if/when called on. Just ran through another IDPA match without a single hiccup. This match included long 25 foot shots which were scary with a little 3″ barrel, but the Boberg took it in stride. […]

Honey Island Shooting Range Flooded

Just about everyone I know has been touched in some way by the recent flooding in the mid-south. A string of storms dumped a lot of water on the same spots causing localized flooding. As that flooding made its way to the rivers and streams on its way to the […]

Kriss Vector with Diamond Head handguard

CQB Rifle Match coming up

Enrolled in the BPSA CQB rifle match at the end of May. For this particular match, you can use a Rifle, or a pistol caliber carbine to compete. I will be using the Kriss Vector which hasn’t seen much action in a while. I added a DiamondHead handguard for more options […]


Project Boberg – March IDPA (150 rounds)

Ran the Boberg XR9s through a 6 stage IDPA match today during some unusually warm weather for March. Still using the Yellow Box Remington UMC 115gr ammo from the last match. 150 rounds without a single issue. During the last cleaning, I took a little extra time cleaning the chamber […]

Boberg XR9s ONYX

Project Boberg (The Beginning)

I always wanted to carry a Boberg XR9s as a CCW piece, but my early trouble with the handgun during the break-in period left me with an uneasy feeling that it would fail when I needed it most. After experiencing some issues with its replacement, a Kimber Solo, I decided […]

HK VP9 with Match Weight Compensator

VP9 Match Weights are now in stock

The IMM Match Weight for the Heckler & Koch VP9 is now in stock at Brown Bear Gear. This compensator looks really nice. I wasnt planning to keep one on my VP9, but after seeing it up close, my plans just changed. It fits pretty flush on the frame and […]

Sig Mosquito Sport

Sig Sauer Mosquito trigger issue

Let me save you a little time. If you think the trigger is broken on your Sig Mosquito because it wont pull far enough to release the hammer, try putting a magazine in the gun (an empty magazine, in fact get all ammo out of the room when working on […]

USP Match Clone

Heavy Weights – Steel match weights for the USP line

At long last, steel match weights for the HK USP line of handguns are becoming available. Now the Match purists can build out a USP Match Clone that is almost identical to a factory USP Match direct from Heckler and Koch. The weights are a bit pricier than the aluminum […]

walther ppk field strip

Field Strip Videos

New page added to host field strip videos and videos showing how to check the various safety features of a handgun such as the firing pin block. I’ve been meeting some new gun owners lately and cant stress enough the importance of knowing how your handgun operates. A couple quick […]

HK p30 Match featured image

Barrel Length for IMM match weights

So what is the best length barrel for your pistol outfitted with an IMM match weight? I got out my ruler to find out. First, the HK45: Jarvis already makes a HK45 Match barrel. It is listed on their site as  “HK 45 FS 6.02 inch Match Length(this is not the USP Model)”. […]