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HK45 with IMM Match Weight

HK45 Match

Made a little video of installing a Jarvis Match Length barrel for the Heckler & Koch HK45 and the IMM Match Weight. Host handgun is a HK45 Tactical.   With that out of the way, and a clever camera mount hovering over the desk I knocked out some videos I […]

IMM Match Weights at

IMM Weights are now in stock and for sale on the website

IMM Match Weights are now IN STOCK and available for purchase at BrownBearGear. We have the HK45, P30, and P30L ready to go.   Get that custom HK that would make John Wick or Lara Croft drool.


Brown Bear Gear now selling IMM Holdings match weights

I am thrilled to announce that Brown Bear Gear will now be selling IMM holdings match weights for the current lineup of HK handguns. IMM is the company that produced the USP aftermarket weight for years. Now I can offer a match weight for the P30, P30L, HK45, as well […]

Barrels for the Match Weight

HK P30 Match Barrel Selection

The P30 match weight is for sale on the webstore. The weight is sized to fit a P30L extended barrel in the P30 slide perfectly. There are a couple options on barrels. Here are the most popular. Barrels from EFK Firedragon P30L Extended Ported barrel: This is an ideal solution. […]

P30 Match Weight for HK handgun

HK P30 Match Weight Product Images

Just got the product images back from the photographer. The part is looking really great. Check them out in the web store. The first batch should arrive soon and they will be ready for sale.

P30 Match still dirty from a trip to the range

Match Weight is finished. ETA 2 weeks till they go on sale

The Match Weight for the Heckler & Koch P30 is finished. The machinists jumped to work and knocked out the first batch already and got them ready to send over to have the Mil Spec Type III hard anodized finish applied.   Comparing the feel of the P30 Match, and a […]


looking the part

I get really uncomfortable when I see people looking down the barrel of a gun. If I want to look in a barrel I field strip the gun and peer down just the barrel. I never want to see the muzzle of a firearm pointed at my head,… ever. I […]


Takeing “Gentlemen” and turning it up to 11

Just installed the wood grips on the Sig P232 and wow, if it was a gentlemen’s handgun before, its “The most interesting guy” level now. I purchased the Nill grips from Germany. I wasn’t really prepared for how precise the grips would be. The edges line up perfectly, the seam mates […]


Sig Sauer P232, a gentleman’s concealed carry

The Sig Sauer P232 is not a popular handgun. Its not something that you find at the LGS (Local Gun Shop) unless by chance. When you do get to see one in person, especially the stainless model, it is striking.  All metal, well built, fits in the hand like it […]


Boberg XR9s (Starting to grow on me)

Perhaps I have been to harsh towards this little gun. I’m starting to like it. I’m starting to get the same feelings I had from the point in time when I first saw the handgun, and the point of its first trip to the range. I really want to feel […]