Boberg Bond Arms bites the dust.

Its been a while, but as I was digging around the safe I found the little XR9 sitting on the back shelf, where I threw it in disgust after a match a while back. It completed all the stages in a BUG match, but when I took the handgun apart to clean it I saw what I thought was a scratch. Upon closer inspection I found out that it was a split. I split one of the rails that the slide travels on. The handgun is a paperweight now. It is not repairable or safe to use as it is.

Split frame on my Boberg / Bond Arms Bullpup

I missed this little gun so I gave Bond Arms a call to see what we could do. Long story short, they let me know its not their problem. They weren’t interested in doing anything, mentioning that it says Boberg on the slide, not Bond Arms. I really wish they would have offered me some way to purchase a new Bond Arms BullPup at small discount,.. anything is better than looking at a $1000 paperweight. So there you have it, buyer beware. If you put this handgun through some real action, it will not make it to the other side of the encounter. The “hands off” and dismissive way Bond Arms handled the call really turned me off them as well.

Ive been getting into 3Gun lately anyway. Next project is adding an Ambi Bolt Catch on my AR.

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