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Boberg XR9-s and Civil Defense 50gr 9mm ammo

I have owned a Boberg XR9s for a while now. I like interesting handguns, and the mechanics of this handgun are indeed interesting. Is a double action only pocket 9mm, that has the breech set back further than a normal handgun. To accomplish this, it uses an elaborate system to […]


IDPA Classifier

Every IDPA club hosts a classifier match every six months. The club I belong to is having our in a couple weeks. This time I will be a Safety Officer (SO) for the classifier, so I though it would be a good idea to do a run through of the […]


Clear out some room in the range bag, the esp’s have arrived

I’ve always had 3┬áproblems with my muff style hearing protection. First, my cheek would always get pinched between the stock of my rifle and my hearing protection. Sometimes leaving a noticeable mark on my face. Second, if I wore them in combination with eye protection for a prolonged length of […]