CQB Rifle Match coming up

Kriss Vector with Diamond Head handguard

Enrolled in the BPSA CQB rifle match at the end of May. For this particular match, you can use a Rifle, or a pistol caliber carbine to compete. I will be using the Kriss Vector which hasn’t seen much action in a while. I added a DiamondHead handguard for more options on how to grip the rifle. It also has the benefit of completely updating the look of the Kriss Vector.


I have never attended a rifle match, or even shot a rifle while on the move before, so I anticipate a challenging match. The Kriss mags hold about 28 rounds, and the competition states that the Course of Fire wont exceede 30 rounds so I may have to do a reload on the clock with this thing. Im looking forward to the challenge.


You can register for the match on their practiscore site.

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