Project Boberg :: just getting better and better

Boberg in Holster

I’m getting pretty confident that this little gun will do what it has to do if/when called on. Just ran through another IDPA match without a single hiccup. This match included long 25 foot shots which were scary with a little 3″ barrel, but the Boberg took it in stride. The double action trigger is a good bit slower, coupled with the lack of a slide lock, but this handgun is designed for conceal-ability and its small size, not as a competition piece. I placed first in class (BUG) and 6th in division (MM) out of 20 shooters. ¬†With this match completed, the Boberg is at ~500 rounds without an issue. When I hit about 1000 rounds, ill feel pretty confident that I can carry it as my standard conceal carry handgun with peace of mind that it will work if called upon.

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