Kriss Vector with Diamond Head handguard

CQB Rifle Match coming up

Enrolled in the BPSA CQB rifle match at the end of May. For this particular match, you can use a Rifle, or a pistol caliber carbine to compete. I will be using the Kriss Vector which hasn’t seen much action in a while. I added a DiamondHead handguard for more options […]

walther ppk field strip

Field Strip Videos

New page added to host field strip videos and videos showing how to check the various safety features of a handgun such as the firing pin block. I’ve been meeting some new gun owners lately and cant stress enough the importance of knowing how your handgun operates. A couple quick […]


Clear out some room in the range bag, the esp’s have arrived

I’ve always had 3 problems with my muff style hearing protection. First, my cheek would always get pinched between the stock of my rifle and my hearing protection. Sometimes leaving a noticeable mark on my face. Second, if I wore them in combination with eye protection for a prolonged length of […]


Searching for the perfect Concealed Carry piece.

I’ve been trying a couple firearms looking for the CCW piece that works well for me. So far nothing has knocked my socks off. Sig Sauer p938 – I really dislike the ambi safety on a single action firearm. I can imagine a scenario wherein I accidentally knock off the […]


Sig Sauer p938 Stainless Trigger update

This is an update from an earlier post on installing a stainless trigger in a Sig Sauer P938 My p938 developed a fault where after running a couple mags through the gun, i would pull the trigger and the hammer wouldn’t drop. If I held the trigger down squeezing it […]


UTAS UTS-15 barrel extension

When I bought the laser for my UTS-15 I went ahead and got the barrel extension while I was at it. I wanted to make the gun just a bit more accurate and choked down just a bit to shoot clay pigeons with. I brought the gun out to the […]


UTAS UTS-15 version2 laser/light install

The version 2 light/laser has been released for the UTS15. I picked one up as an impulse buy. My feelings post install are pretty much “Meh”. I could take it or leave it. I like the clean internal install, but some things just aren’t right. There are a couple issues; […]


Sig Sauer p938 stainless trigger installation

The stock trigger on my Sig p938, and indeed all p938s, was polymer. Being that it was the only plastic part on the gun, I decided to swap it out for a stainless steel one. I came across Glenn at PartsProduction who had some stainless triggers made up. I found […]


Kriss Vector Magex 25+ Magazine feed issue

I purchased 4 pre-assembled magazines for the Kriss Vector directly from the Kriss website and have had multiple feeding issues with them. Issue 1 (affected only one magazine). Could not load more than 14 rounds into magazine. Taking the magazine apart revealed that the follower was catching on some excess […]


HK P2000 Night Sight Installation

New Meprolight Night Sights came in. To be installed on my HK P2000. Size and appearance is pretty close to the original white dot sights that came with the pistol. I had tried to purchase night sights locally, but none of the shops I went to had a sight pusher […]