Boberg in Holster

Project Boberg :: just getting better and better

I’m getting pretty confident that this little gun will do what it has to do if/when called on. Just ran through another IDPA match without a single hiccup. This match included long 25 foot shots which were scary with a little 3″ barrel, but the Boberg took it in stride. […]


Project Boberg – March IDPA (150 rounds)

Ran the Boberg XR9s through a 6 stage IDPA match today during some unusually warm weather for March. Still using the Yellow Box Remington UMC 115gr ammo from the last match. 150 rounds without a single issue. During the last cleaning, I took a little extra time cleaning the chamber […]

Boberg XR9s ONYX

Project Boberg (The Beginning)

I always wanted to carry a Boberg XR9s as a CCW piece, but my early trouble with the handgun during the break-in period left me with an uneasy feeling that it would fail when I needed it most. After experiencing some issues with its replacement, a Kimber Solo, I decided […]


Boberg XR9s (Starting to grow on me)

Perhaps I have been to harsh towards this little gun. I’m starting to like it. I’m starting to get the same feelings I had from the point in time when I first saw the handgun, and the point of its first trip to the range. I really want to feel […]


IDPA Classifier

Every IDPA club hosts a classifier match every six months. The club I belong to is having our in a couple weeks. This time I will be a Safety Officer (SO) for the classifier, so I though it would be a good idea to do a run through of the […]