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walther ppk field strip

Field Strip Videos

New page added to host field strip videos and videos showing how to check the various safety features of a handgun such as the firing pin block. I’ve been meeting some new gun owners lately and cant stress enough the importance of knowing how your handgun operates. A couple quick […]

HK p30 Match featured image

Barrel Length for IMM match weights

So what is the best length barrel for your pistol outfitted with an IMM match weight? I got out my ruler to find out. First, the HK45: Jarvis already makes a HK45 Match barrel. It is listed on their site as  “HK 45 FS 6.02 inch Match Length(this is not the USP Model)”. […]

HK45 with IMM Match Weight

HK45 Match

Made a little video of installing a Jarvis Match Length barrel for the Heckler & Koch HK45 and the IMM Match Weight. Host handgun is a HK45 Tactical.   With that out of the way, and a clever camera mount hovering over the desk I knocked out some videos I […]