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Sig Sauer p938 Stainless Trigger update

This is an update from an earlier post on installing a stainless trigger in a Sig Sauer P938 My p938 developed a fault where after running a couple mags through the gun, i would pull the trigger and the hammer wouldn’t drop. If I held the trigger down squeezing it […]


UTAS UTS-15 barrel extension

When I bought the laser for my UTS-15 I went ahead and got the barrel extension while I was at it. I wanted to make the gun just a bit more accurate and choked down just a bit to shoot clay pigeons with. I brought the gun out to the […]


UTAS UTS-15 version2 laser/light install

The version 2 light/laser has been released for the UTS15. I picked one up as an impulse buy. My feelings post install are pretty much “Meh”. I could take it or leave it. I like the clean internal install, but some things just aren’t right. There are a couple issues; […]