Boberg running into a wall

After 5 flawless matches with the Boberg XR9s and UMC Yellow Box ammo, I decided to put the gun threw the paces with carry ammo. I selected a couple reputable brands from 100 to 150 grain. Hollowpoints are expensive, but if im going to trust this as a carry gun, the price is worth it to know everything will work as it should in the event I need it.

On my first attempt, the ejector flew off the gun during the second stage, rendering it inoperable. Bond Arms sent me a replacement free of charge and I got the handgun back up and running. On my second attempt, I made it to the third stage and had the gun break on me. A part of the platform that pushes the rounds up before they are chambered broke off and jammed up the gun. When I finally got it cleared, I found a small piece of metal stuck inside. I sent the handgun back to Bond Arms for repair and a good checkup.

I had seen this video released by Bond Arms talking about some of the changes they made to the gun. The part that stuck out to me was the coating on the unlock block and barrel so the gun didn’t need anti seaze on it. I asked if they could put this coating on my gun while it was there.

2 weeks later, I received my handgun back. Included in the box was a couple notes. One detailing the new oiling procedure now that the coating was on the barrel and locking block. Another was a (much shorter) list of approved ammo. There was a list of ammo known to work with the Boberg on the Boberg homepage and forum, but this list is much shorter. Most of the rounds I was using were not on the list.

Ill run it for another match to see where we stand.

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