Heavy Weights – Steel match weights for the USP line

USP Match Clone

At long last, steel match weights for the HK USP line of handguns are becoming available. Now the Match purists can build out a USP Match Clone that is almost identical to a factory USP Match direct from Heckler and Koch. The weights are a bit pricier than the aluminum counterparts, with a MSRP of $350. That is however cheaper than buying an original one, which you would then probably not shoot to keep its collectible value up. I will have the weights available on the BrownBearGear webstore as soon as the inventory comes available.

I received a sample Steel match weight for my USP .40 Full Size today, and it is much heavier than the aluminum. The leverage of all that weight so far in front of the center of gravity really holds the gun down. Ill get some comparative video on the next range trip.

The Steel Match Weight looks identical to the aluminum one in shape. The finish is Cerakoted and seems pretty strong. Available with and without an accessory rail on the bottom. It is available for the USP 9/40 Full Size, and the USP 45 full size.

aluminum and steel match weight

The steel match weight weighs in at 11.1 ozĀ (non railed version) as opposed to the aluminum HK compensator at 3.8 (again non railed version). That is almost 3x the weight added to the front of the gun.

Weight of steel match weightWeight of aluminum match weight


With the USP steel match weights coming to the market, a steel P30/HK45 weight cant be far behind. I hear it will enter the queue after the VP9/VP40 compensators become available.

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