Boberg in Holster

Project Boberg :: just getting better and better

I’m getting pretty confident that this little gun will do what it has to do if/when called on. Just ran through another IDPA match without a single hiccup. This match included long 25 foot shots which were scary with a little 3″ barrel, but the Boberg took it in stride. […]


Project Boberg – March IDPA (150 rounds)

Ran the Boberg XR9s through a 6 stage IDPA match today during some unusually warm weather for March. Still using the Yellow Box Remington UMC 115gr ammo from the last match. 150 rounds without a single issue. During the last cleaning, I took a little extra time cleaning the chamber […]

Boberg XR9s ONYX

Project Boberg (The Beginning)

I always wanted to carry a Boberg XR9s as a CCW piece, but my early trouble with the handgun during the break-in period left me with an uneasy feeling that it would fail when I needed it most. After experiencing some issues with its replacement, a Kimber Solo, I decided […]


Takeing “Gentlemen” and turning it up to 11

Just installed the wood grips on the Sig P232 and wow, if it was a gentlemen’s handgun before, its “The most interesting guy” level now. I purchased the Nill grips from Germany. I wasn’t really prepared for how precise the grips would be. The edges line up perfectly, the seam mates […]


Sig Sauer P232, a gentleman’s concealed carry

The Sig Sauer P232 is not a popular handgun. Its not something that you find at the LGS (Local Gun Shop) unless by chance. When you do get to see one in person, especially the stainless model, it is striking.  All metal, well built, fits in the hand like it […]


Boberg XR9s (Starting to grow on me)

Perhaps I have been to harsh towards this little gun. I’m starting to like it. I’m starting to get the same feelings I had from the point in time when I first saw the handgun, and the point of its first trip to the range. I really want to feel […]


Boberg XR9-s and Civil Defense 50gr 9mm ammo

I have owned a Boberg XR9s for a while now. I like interesting handguns, and the mechanics of this handgun are indeed interesting. Is a double action only pocket 9mm, that has the breech set back further than a normal handgun. To accomplish this, it uses an elaborate system to […]