Honey Island Shooting Range Flooded

Just about everyone I know has been touched in some way by the recent flooding in the mid-south. A string of storms dumped a lot of water on the same spots causing localized flooding. As that flooding made its way to the rivers and streams on its way to the gulf, the rivers flooded their banks and caused even more damage.

One example of the flooding is the Honey Island Shooting Range just outside Slidell LA. This is my favorite relaxed, family friendly range. Its much much cheaper than any other range I know of at $6/day. The range usually looks a bit like this Google Earth image.


But during the height of the flooding (March 15) it looked more like this with the entire grounds under water.


The water has receded, but it took some of the roads with it so the range is still not accessible to the recreational shooter. Currently (March 23) the range looks like this from the air.


Hopefully this range gets back up and running soon.

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