UTAS UTS-15 barrel extension

When I bought the laser for my UTS-15 I went ahead and got the barrel extension while I was at it.


I wanted to make the gun just a bit more accurate and choked down just a bit to shoot clay pigeons with. I brought the gun out to the range a while back and had a pretty hard time, the sights are odd having to align both a front and rear sight, instead of a bead on the end of the barrel. While working with the gun at home I’ve found that moving the rear sight further forward, about 6 inches or so, makes it much easier for me to align them.

Just as with the laser, there is an issue with the barrel extension. The standard choke tube that ships with the gun won’t fit into the barrel extension, however the tactical choke fits right in. I’ll have to see if I can pick up a different choke from somewhere for clays.

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