Sig Sauer p938 Stainless Trigger update

This is an update from an earlier post on installing a stainless trigger in a Sig Sauer P938

My p938 developed a fault where after running a couple mags through the gun, i would pull the trigger and the hammer wouldn’t drop. If I held the trigger down squeezing it harder, or pulled it multiple times, the hammer would eventually drop. Definitely not something acceptable with a carry piece. If the trigger weight was lighter when it malfunctioned I would have suspected the trigger disconnector, but the weight of the trigger stayed constant with each pull when it worked and when it didn’t. I swapped back in the factory trigger and removed the extra spring plug that came with the stainless trigger and ran a hundred rounds through the gun without a single problem. I will have to see if using the stainless trigger and leaving out the spring plug leads to issues or not to get this completely troubleshot to the root cause, but its looking like the stainless trigger may not be a perfect fit.

5 thoughts on “Sig Sauer p938 Stainless Trigger update”

  1. I’m sorry you had trouble, we talked about this. There is one area that may be the culprit, the bottom rear surface of the trigger may be hitting the mag release, a few swipes with a file would fix it. Send it back and I’ll do that for you. It’s a delicate situation, too much movement is bad too, and 99% of the triggers have been drop in.

  2. I have the Sig Sauer P938 and so far I haven’t really had any problems with it. After all of that happened, did all of the issues get fixed and did you ever have those issues again?

    1. A little time with a file took care of it. As Glenn noted, it was hitting the mag release. I ended up trading the p938 away for a p224. My personal preference is a double action trigger on a carry gun.

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