Searching for the perfect Concealed Carry piece.

I’ve been trying a couple firearms looking for the CCW piece that works well for me. So far nothing has knocked my socks off.

Sig Sauer p938 – I really dislike the ambi safety on a single action firearm. I can imagine a scenario wherein I accidentally knock off the safety, then when attempting to pull it out while under the stress of surprise I could easily fire before IĀ intend to. Perhaps even before getting it out of the pocket holster.

Boberg XR9s – I really wanted this handgun to be the one. Small, easy to conceal. Well made, technically interesting. But unreliable. I cant get the thing to fire 6 times in a row, EVER. I’ve sent it back to the manufacturer a couple times already. Now it sits in the back of the safe. Waiting to be sold or traded away.

Sig Sauer P224 – Now we are talking. This gun fits my hand, points and shoots well. But it is HEAVY. Really HEAVY.

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 – The trigger on this gun is soooo bad that its kind of a joke. The skin on my finger sometimes gets caught behind the trigger to the point of being unable to pull it back all the way to make it fire. I end up having to release the trigger, and re-position my finger.

Baretta Nano – This one suprised me. Very inexpensive. But its yet to fail. Small enough to conceal. Nothing special about it at all, but it works.


Im still waiting to try out a Kimber Solo. and a Walther PPK.


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