UTAS UTS-15 version2 laser/light install

The version 2 light/laser has been released for the UTS15.

I picked one up as an impulse buy. My feelings post install are pretty much “Meh”. I could take it or leave it. I like the clean internal install, but some things just aren’t right.

There are a couple issues;

The switch positions are in a different order than what is printed on the shotgun, so they ship it with a sticker to cover what is printed on the gun. I dont think a sticker is a very durable solution, so I’m just going to have the switch labeled wrong. Its the lesser of evils.


Installation requires drilling some holes in the gun. They ship a special drill bit and a guide. Works perfectly for the top hole, but leaves the bottom hole just a little to high. The hole is out of line enough to prevent installing the bottom screw. I have to either widen the hole, or leave out the bottom screw. In the second picture you can see the bottom of the original hole through the bottom hole guide.

IMG_0341 IMG_0338

The good side of this unit is the internal fit. Nothing to snag or break off. Looks clean once installed.


I bought it because it was the one that “goes with” the gun. If you have the money to spare, I recommend picking one up, but don’t skip dinner for it.

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