HK P30 Match Barrel Selection

Barrels for the Match Weight

The P30 match weight is for sale on the webstore. The weight is sized to fit a P30L extended barrel in the P30 slide perfectly. There are a couple options on barrels. Here are the most popular.

Barrels from EFK Firedragon

P30L Extended Ported barrel: EFK Extended PortedThis is an ideal solution. Already ported, comes in black or stainless, minimal waiting. The ports are not as directional as the weight, so you will burn the sides of the weight, but that isn’t anything major.



P30L Extended Threaded barrel custom porting(with no threads cut in it, special order call EFK and ask for it.): Perfect solution, but lead time is an issue. I had my barrel ported by MagnaPort to get something that was ported only along the top. Does not burn the weight, but less porting than the EFK Ported barrel so the muzzle flip reduction is slightly lower.


P30L Standard Barrel: P30L barrel in a p30This will get you by, but dont purchase a P30L barrel for this. Your money would be better spent on a longer barrel.




P30 Threaded Barrel: This will work, but the looks of it may not be what you are wanting. The barrel will not reach the end of the weight.

P30L Threaded Barrel: This also will work, but the looks of it may not be what you are wanting. The barrel will not reach the end of the weight.

Barrels from Jarvis (the Jarvis barrels are only available in 9MM, I shoot 40S&W so they are untested by me.)

P30L Extended Ported Barrel

P30 Threaded Barrel

P30L Threaded Barrel


Please don’t use the Standard length barrel. Flames get directed back into the the weight and may burn the frame of your pistol as well as your knuckles. Plus the blast puts a huge strain on the metal, it may break under sustained fire.

5 thoughts on “HK P30 Match Barrel Selection”

  1. The set up pictured with the EFK is a P30L, with a weight match P30L weight, and a P30L extended ported EFK bbl, correct?
    I am looking at using this set up, but with an EFK 357 sig extended ported conversion bbl, and I am trying to gauge the length/fit.

    1. The handgun in this post is a P30 with a P30L barrel in it. The P30L, with a P30L extended barrel looks more like this P30L with extended ported barrel

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