looking the part

I get really uncomfortable when I see people looking down the barrel of a gun. If I want to look in a barrel I field strip the gun and peer down just the barrel. I never want to see the muzzle of a firearm pointed at my head,… ever. I cringe when people post videos like this one.


So I am having difficulties with this next picture.

Sig P226 with Strike Plate

The reason why I’m having such a hard time with it, is because its pointed at me. I’m taking that picture because adding that¬†strike surface makes the Sig P226 look next level tough. It looks like something you would find in a movie, and I like that. Some guns are meant for concealed carry, some for sport/competition, but some are just there for looking tough.¬†Looking like they could take out a couple bad guys by itself. This certainly fits the bill.

first off, Yes, it is an Airsoft part. If there is a “real firearms” version of this I would love to buy one. My google-fu didn’t locate any others besides airsoft, so here it is. It is aluminum. It may hold up to live fire, I will test it, but haven’t yet. With that said, here are more pictures.

Sig P226 with Strike Plate Sig P226 with Strike Plate

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