Boberg XR9s (Starting to grow on me)

Perhaps I have been to harsh towards this little gun. I’m starting to like it. I’m starting to get the same feelings I had from the point in time when I first saw the handgun, and the point of its first trip to the range. I really want to feel secure enough that this handgun would fire every time I need it too, and the early troubles I had with the gun put it squarely behind the 8-ball. But its starting to come around.

I ran this gun in an IDPA BUG (Back up gun) match and it did quite well. I did have 2 “failure to chamber all the way” issues where I had to slap the slide forward the last little bit. But by that measure, its more reliable than the 1911s that were being run in the same match. Both of those issues were with the same magazine, so I’m starting to suspect the mag more than the gun.

I had a chance to get to the range yesterday and ran another 80 rounds through the Boberg without a single failure. (same ammunition that i used at the IDPA match). I was pleasantly surprised by how well it operated. Had it operated that way the first time I got it to the range it would be a totally different story. Instead it took a couple trips back to the manufacturer to get the kinks worked out.

I found that the little XR9s can hit 8″ plates at 25 yards easier than a Sig Sauer p224. Both the 224 and the Boberg have the same length barrel, though the Sig is both heavier and larger, both traits you dont want in a CCW piece, but anybody will gladly take them if the alternative is an unreliable handgun.

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