DIY Moldgun (Drone, Prop) for Kydex holster makeing

I’m making a Kydex holster for my HK USP Match Clone. I plan to do it using a split mold and a vacuum press. So the first step is getting a split mold. No one seems to sell one so I’ve set out to build my own. Last night I molded the first half of the gun. With the exception of one air bubble it came out perfect and is ready for me to pour the resin.

Silicon Molds

To get to this point I blocked out the handgun with clay to remove anything that would not lend itself to a holster. This included filling in the ejection port and trigger guard. I used some dowel to create a sight channel. I then just sealed every crack and hole with clay to prevent silicone from getting inside the pistol.

Blocked HK USP Match

I created a mold box from some PVC lumber and Hot Glued it down to prevent leaks. The hot glue didn’t hold and some silicone leaked. At first I put a stick in the way to stop the leak, but I then just hit the leaked silicone with a heat gun to cure it and that stopped the flow. You can see the leak on the bottom of the mold box.

USP Match in mold box


After curing overnight, I popped it out of the mold. Tonight ill do the other side and be ready to pour the resin soon after that.


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