HK P30 Match anyone?

Ive been working to update the USP Match to the newer P30 platform.  The USP match was last imported into America in 1998, and besides, what would Laura Croft carry now-a-days to protect us from shadowy organizations bent on world domination?


The CAD work is finally finished, with multiple revisions to get the fit as tight as possible. Its now ready to begin production. I’m working with several machining companies to get the best quality product possible. This is a really nice fitting HK match weight.



Now that the fit is perfect, Im working on getting the color to match perfectly as well.

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2 thoughts on “HK P30 Match anyone?”

  1. I am very interested in the hk p30l in .40 and like the look of the match weight on the end . Are the readily available through you or where could I possibly get one? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

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