HK P2000 Night Sight Installation

New Meprolight Night Sights came in. To be installed on my HK P2000. Size and appearance is pretty close to the original white dot sights that came with the pistol.

New Sights
New Sights

I had tried to purchase night sights locally, but none of the shops I went to had a sight pusher compatible with my HK. I purchased the Ameriglo sight pusher off the internet to do the installation myself. After seeing pictures of the tool online, I was actually surprised at how large it is once in hand.

Sight Pusher
Sight Pusher

Followed the directions that came supplied with the sights and found installation to be pretty easy. I had the Viridian Laser pretty well sighted in so I used it to verify the night sights were properly aligned.

First impressions of the Meprolights is pretty good. They are plenty bright in low light situations, and the white rings are easy to see in very light situations.


Update to come after a couple hundred rounds to see how they are holding up.

3 thoughts on “HK P2000 Night Sight Installation”

  1. I so want to get new sites for my 1911, I hate the ones they came with they are so black and if I’m shooting at a black target it makes it that much more difficult. It’s good to know that it’s not too difficult to change them out.

  2. Hi SevenGun! I went to my LGS to install new night sights. They had their ginormous universal sight pushers, but the device wouldn’t grip my tapered rounded P2000 slide, it kept wanting to rotate and lean to one side. Will the ameriglo sight pusher eliminate this rotational problem? I really dont want to hammer the sights off but i don’t want to spend $150 for a seemingly one-time use only device. Thanx!

  3. The brand on the sight pusher says MGW. Its the same one available on It grips the slide by the rails and clamps down so the slide will not tilt. I know it works with the USP, P2000, HK45 and P30 models. It will not work with the large adjustable sights like the HK USP Match sights, and may not work on really tall suppressor height sights.

    Ive seen people post on that they would allow people to use their sight pusher. Perhaps you can find someone there in your area and save some money.

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